Referencing the concentric, stepped seating configuration typical of a stadium or arena, this series of ink drawings presents a set of proposals that expands this well-known architectural vocabulary. Related to the installation, Arena Cut, this series explores a set of formal variations for a 'crowd container'. These finely crafted portrayals have a loose 'sketchy' quality, emphasizing the experimental connections between the shape of the arena and its function, meaning, and implications for crowd psychology and control. Presenting the arena in a circular shape, in quarters, or in other permutations allows for unexpected relations between the crowd itself, usually depicted as an undefined mass. At the same time, the negative space or 'play area' of the proposals shifts dramatically, altering the imagined interaction between the role of audience and performer. The drawings playfully engages particularly sensitive issues of social space, visualizing an alternative language that questions the forms and functions of mass manipulation with a touch of irony.
Shaping the crowd _deep public funel
Ink on paper, 2007
69 x 98 cm