This work for a display window in an upscale Berlin shopping centre uses a variety of techniques to establish a compelling yet uncanny sense of dislocation. A photograph of a gambling shop window from the working-class neighborhood of Neukölln was cut-up and collaged to the proportions of the glass presentation case, and later enlarged to the precise dimensions. Combining photography and installation, the resulting work becomes a minimal sculpture that collapses representation and presence into a singular object. The surprisingly spare window display of the original photo is accentuated by the collage that reduces the gambling machines to mere rectangular strips. The glass case of the photograph mirrors a section of facades rising across the street, allowing a complex play of surfaces and providing a sense of depth. The series of reflections in the image actively engages the connections between physical and pictured materials and constructs an analogy between the original location, the photograph and the new situation.
Nevada Schauplatz
Die fragilen Städte, Kunstraum Düsseldorf 2012
temporäre Installation
SW Fotografie, 850 x 310 cm