Just over four metres long and three metres high, this piece consists of a steel-frame wall with two rectangular volumes attached to it. One side of the wall is covered in painted, folded paper that gives the impression of common, corrugated metal siding. A rectangular volume intersects the wall at a skewed angle, forming an orthogonal space on one side, and a balcony-like projection on the other. This simple architectonic assemblage reminds one of a standard configuration for an apartment building, and at the same time, a furniture drawer. Seen as a stark crystallization of modern living; consisting of a box to live in; a window to see out of; and a balcony for a space outdoors, it is at once minimal, powerful, and melancholy. The reference to this standard, mass-produced typology might be sadly overwhelming, but, the fragile materials, deadpan composition, and only vaguely familiar form magnify the installation with an enigmatic life.
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temporary installation
Paper, metal, plasterboard, paint
420 x 310 x 200 cm