The wall work PENROSE CIRCLE in the secondary school in Berlin Mahlsdorf consists of a circular line that is composed like a mosaic of mirrored stainless steel rhombs.
The circumference of the circle extends over three floors of the building, with a diameter of about 10 meters. It is interrupted by the architecture of each floor and continues in the adjacent space above or below. On each floor there are arc sections that together describe 360 degrees.
Like the pixels of a digital matrix, the circle is composed of mosaic parts. The mosaic corresponds to the pattern discovered by Roger Penrose in the 70s with infinite variance from only 2 elements. The figure of the circle extended over all floors symbolizes the coding of images on the basis of a computational matrix. At the same time, the circle describes the continuous coherence of space, which breaks down into individual parts at the moment of its mathematical capture.
Penrose Circle
Sculpture project, new building
of the secondary school in
Berlin Mahlsdorf 2020
Stainless steel (mirror polished)
Approx. 300 parts, diameter approx. 10 Meter