This series of installation proposals for a former DDR guardhouse uses the functional, military architecture as a foil for various iconic architectural schemes from East and West Germany. The inhuman feeling of this small building, and its function as a defensive tower concentrated on the protection of an interior territory, is ironically related to a variety of recognizable architectural fragments. In one proposal, the thatched roof of a cuckoo clock takes on a forced coziness, while in another, the modular elements of a plattenbau, once a desired residence in the DDR, becomes extra-institutional. Details from a chalet from Saxony, such as a sign saying Home, produce an almost fascistic feeling that is anything but homey, while the modular façade from the Kaufhof department store establishes an enigmatic identity. The juxtaposition of styles playfully reveals the evocative nature of architecture in establishing identity.

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(Intervention at a watchtower of the former DDR borderline )
Proposal for a roof cap with clock, in the character
of a Schwarzwälder cockoo clock. (Photomontage)