Fremd Gehen
Publication to the exhibition with students of the Institut of Art education of the Justus-Liebig University in Gießen.

The catalog contains images and text-documentation of installations in a vacant city house in Gießen 2011. The exhibition with site specific and sculptural works is the result of a one-year seminar led by Martin Pfahler. The issue of the seminar was to find unfamiliar and strange sites or spaces, which every student suppose to determine in their common environment. After a working progress with different and individual kinds of research, the participants work out models, drawings, photographs and texts about sites and spaces which, from different reasons, might evoke an unfamiliar feeling to them. Finally every student was able to develop and construct a site specific installation for one special room in the empty city house. The challenge was to transform the mentally, well prepared work into a real space and sculptural construction which represent a objective space.

With works by Eric Appelmann, Sandra Escher, Christina Hecht, Sarah Häcker, Raffaella Kux, Lisa Rübel und Stefanie Schneider.

Texts (german) by Prof. Carl-Peter Buschkühle and Martin Pfahler
Grafic, layout, photography: Martin Pfahler, Josephine Ritschel and students

42 pgs.
Institut of Art education
JLU Giessen, 2011

The publication as pdf can be obtained on equiry from the artist.