Spatial painting by Renate Wolff
curated by Martin Pfahler
2yk Gallery_ Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben

"Colours, light and their many different manifestations in spaces are the focus of my artistic work. When ordering forms and lines, and placing colours in spaces, I experience both a spatial-visual and ontological basis in my painting. The starting point for every piece of work is architecture, which serves as a visual and spiritual system of coordinates to make the world comprehensible in both a utopian and real sense." (Renate Wolff)

The pure architecture of empty space, with its windows, rays of light, its volumes and proportions, is the real motivation behind Renate Wolff's painting, for which she makes a new start with each exhibition, to create her own very personal and unique way of treating architecture and colour. An orthogonal system of colourful, overlapping lines and surfaces, running parallel to architecture, covers and rhythmically accentuates the wall of the 2yK gallery.
The deliberate avoidance of a perspective image space and the non-illusive surface of the composition creates a direct reference to the surrounding architecture. The painting surrounds the viewer on all sides and transcends the real architectural space, which is locked in a dialogue with the painting's spatial colour.
Renate Wolff herself describes her spatial painting as a continuum that, like a text, can also be read in a linear order. The continuum of orthogonal structures is "chronologically" ordered and modified using techniques that are reminiscent of film editing which she herself describes as cuts, zooms or crossovers.
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